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The breakthrough of fingerprint identification technology will drive the fingerp

Beijing time 01 month 11 news, China's touch screen news, fingerprint identification technology penetration of 60% this year. According to TrendForce's topology Research Institute pointed out that due to the Android camp has not yet developed a biological identification technology can completely replace the fingerprint identification, fingerprint identification is still the most anticipated products preferred.

In addition, in the area of fingerprint recognition technology breakthrough and display, including Samsung, LG, OPPO, Vivo, millet, HUAWEI, the mobile phone brand is possible by using this technology, is expected to drive the 2018 global intelligent mobile phone penetration rate of 6 into the fingerprint identification.

Since the topology that Apple's acquisition of Authentic in 2013 and started in its own iPhone, iPad into the fingerprint identification technology, Android camp in the past few years, but also by a large number of fingerprint identification technology for mobile phone and mobile payment to unlock.

Under the influence of the full screen trend in 2017, besides the biometric identification of apple instead of Face ID instead of Touch ID, it also changed the biometrics strategy of Android camp.

In fact, since the introduction of mobile phone intelligent fingerprint identification technology since the main market with capacitive fingerprint identification scheme, but because the front of the fingerprint identification of intelligent mobile phone full screen in front of the space has been unable to meet the expectations of consumers, so the fingerprint identification with the camp in recent years show that the area of the fingerprint identification technology for the key direction.

Synaptics launched the UnderGlass optical scheme at the end of 2016 to overcome the inherent limitations of capacitive fingerprint identification technology. It also released fingerprint identification technology for display panel in AMOLED panel recently.

After more than a year of experience accumulation, the Synaptics fingerprint identification scheme in optical display area has finally been expected to increase production because of its own and related industry's improvement.

Synaptics from 2016 to 2017, its key product line is capacitive fingerprint identification chip and TDDI chip. With the increase of market competitors, Synaptics began to actively invest in fingerprint identification technology development in the display area.

However, competitors such as Goodix, recently also actively send samples to the major mobile phone manufacturers; Qualcomm is the cooperation exhibited fingerprint identification scheme of ultrasonic wave type with Vivo in 2017; the Swedish biometric technology giant FPC also released its ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology at the end of 2017, is expected to show that the area of fingerprint recognition technology for intelligent mobile phone into a new vigor.

Observe the mobile phone brand into the situation, in addition to its own AMOLED panel production capacity of the Korean brand Samsung and LG display area, fingerprint identification technology Chinese brands such as OPPO, Vivo, Meizu, Jin, millet, HUAWEI will have the opportunity to support the AMOLED panel in 2018 into the.

The capacity of the AMOLED panel is still in the hands of Samsung, which will limit the scale of fingerprint identification technology in the display area of the flagship aircraft in the Android camp. Therefore, a large number of middle and low level mobile phones will still use the traditional capacitive fingerprint identification technology with low cost. It is estimated that the size of the global smartphone market will come to 1 billion 530 million in 2018, of which the permeability of fingerprint identification technology will come to the level of 6, which is 5% higher than that in 2017.