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CETC Fenghua touch screen bonding performance of key technology reached the inte

Beijing time 01 month 12 news, Chinese touch screen news, binded touch screen binding to the future. In Dianke Fenghua through years of efforts to solve the bottleneck problem of the touch screen bonding technology industry developed technology group line equipment set multiple processes in one of the key technologies to reach the international advanced level bonding technology leader.

If not in the industry, ordinary people rarely pay attention to the flexible circuit boards in mobile phones, laptops, and wearable devices. Such a humble part is the only condition to meet the requirements of the miniaturization and mobility of electronic products. Only with flexible circuit boards and all kinds of screens, can electronic products shine brilliantly.

"Bond" sounds strange and its technology is everywhere. Understand electronic knowledge knows, "bang" (bonding transliteration, meaning the chip is coated) through a material bonding, in a certain temperature, pressure and time, the processing methods of liquid crystal glass and flexible circuit board mechanical connection and electrical conduction, is an important process of the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, LCD display, LCD TV and other new electronic products.

In order to promote the industrialization process, in 2013, our province implemented the "12th Five-Year" science and technology major special "touch screen state technology group line equipment industrialization development" project. Recently, the unit commitment in Dianke Fenghua information equipment Limited by Share Ltd has successfully completed their R & D projects, through years of efforts, to solve the pressure head flatness, bonding pressure, bonding temperature precision control technology, and between the pressure head and the platen parallelism precision control technology industry bottlenecks, developed a set of anisotropic conductive adhesive (ACF) attached, preloading, main pressure and other processes in one touch screen bonding process of group line equipment, key technical performance reached the international advanced level, can completely replace the similar foreign products, to meet the requirements of high-end touch screen in the production efficiency and product quality, and promote China's flat panel display industry technology progress the.

CETC Fenghua Electronic Technology Group is China subordinate units, the two division is a professional engaged in the study of national electronic equipment R & D and manufacturing, especially the machine, electricity, light, heat integration design, equipment development and technology has formed its own advantages and characteristics. In section two by 1998 in cooperation with Guangdong Fenghua hi tech, the joint-stock company, officially enter the field of chip electronic components and equipment. In those days, the high-speed belt machine developed by them was a great success. They not only broke the monopoly of foreign countries, but also attracted the price of similar products in Japan and South Korea, and the price of 1 million 200 thousand yuan per unit fell to 700 thousand yuan directly. In 2001, the liquid crystal display was rising. Although China is a big country in the manufacturing of electronic products, the "pain of lack of screen" has paid a great price. The company sees business opportunities. They actively cooperate with domestic and foreign manufacturers, including Xinli, SHARP and TPK, in the field of LCD devices. They break through the TFT-LCD leading technology and create the apple industry line and enter the segment of the capacitive touch screen. The R & D personnel, which account for 50% of the total number of employees, grow into a state-level innovative enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and service in a short time.

Two technology breakthrough bottlenecks

The quality of the electronic screen is closely related to the connection between the circuit board and the glass base. The bonding pressure determines the degree of fragmentation of the ACF particles attached to the glass substrate, thus affecting the quality of the product. It is not easy to fix a flexible circuit board on a glass substrate. With hundreds of micrometer circuits on the circuit board, the ACF particles are broken under the action of high temperature and pressure, and the circuit is smooth. Ma Zenggang, the deputy general manager and chief of the project, told reporters that the most common problem in the production process of the bonding process is that the pressure difference of the head flatness and the uneven pressure lead to the uneven particle breakage of ACF particles, causing bubbles, preventing electrical conduction and reducing the effect. Circuit lead glass substrate and flexible circuit board, some from less than 45 micron, crimp pin dislocation, will lead to electrical and mechanical connection failure.

The scientific research team adjusts the technical scheme and keeps simulation and simulation experiments in the experiment, and the modular design and verification of the key components. A year later, they found the solution. Team member Zhang Yongfeng said that they magnified the pin by a hundred times. The error was accurately calculated by means of error and intensity adjustment, so that the precision operation platform was adjusted, and the automatic alignment of machine vision was realized from artificial counterpoint. To solve the bonding pressure, they will replace the head materials for high carbon chromium steel, through heat conduction and thermal elastic mechanics analysis, established the head working condition of stable temperature field and thermal deformation of 3D finite element thermal analysis model, provides theoretical support for the design. A pressure in solving precision, and in the gas path design of the dynamic balance, on the input of a precise and constant pressure to offset the movement system of the gravity, friction force during the movement between the motion pairs and reduce. The precision control of the parallel between the pressure head and the pressure on the inclined plane by the principle, the breakdown of the feed resolution differential head, high precision adjustment by differential head regulating inclined block to realize precision adjustment, thereby eliminating migration.

Since 2013 the implementation of the project, the electric division Fenghua to innovation, and constantly upgrading the product. From a single product, to achieve the integration of models, integrated pre paste, pre bonding, bonding and other core functions, main technical parameters and performance indexes meet the touch screen production line configuration requirements, reached the leading level in the industry, to develop the automatic group line type, enhanced localization application process matching