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The national science and technology laboratory is a professional department engaged in product testing, inspection and verification, and calibration of instrument measurement within the company. It covers an area of about 300 square meters. The laboratory has thermal shock box, constant temperature and humidity, rapid temperature Bianxiang, oven, vibration machine, drum test machine, salt spray test machine, turbidity Haze Meter, infrared spectroscopy, thermal imager, servo control testing machine, zoned test machine, electrostatic discharge generator, image measuring instrument, a color luminance meter number of professional testing equipment.

Brief introduction of laboratory functions

1. product reliability testing: high temperature / low temperature, constant temperature and humidity, constant humidity and heat, alternating high and low temperature and humid heat, rapid temperature change, temperature impact, salt mist test, etc.

2. product mechanical reliability test: vibration, drop, analog transportation, wear resistance, contact resistance, peeling force test, bending strength test, etc.

3. product analysis test: infrared spectrum component analysis, etc.

4. environmental testing: air cleanliness test, ESD protection monitoring, etc.

5. instrument calibration: the internal calibration of measuring instruments, such as length, mechanics, weighing apparatus, electronics, heat and so on.

Patent technology

As of the end of 2016, a total of 86 patents were applied. 38 patents were invented, including 1 International inventions. Twelve of them have become China's first - class key technology invention patents.